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Keeping It Real: Why Authenticity Matters in Visual Storytelling

Notice how the most trendy new videos across Instagram and TikTok usually contain some form of authenticity, be it in the form of bloopers or behind-the-scenes content?

Take a look at a short-form video like this which highlights how most of us feel when our boss asks us to come into the office when we'd all love to be tucked into bed working from home:

These are funny and real moments which we may think to censor out, and bloopers and outtakes are moments we instinctively wish to hide for the sake of looking more "professional" and conveying a more put-together image, but what if we told you that such moments matter and boost engagement?

Being real is important to audiences and potential clients these days. Content that is authentic makes a brand feel more relatable to its audiences, and makes them more open to interacting with the brand.

According to Cohley, 71% of US consumers say that if they can relate to a brand, they'll want to back them.

So what does "keeping it real" entail for brands?

1. Honesty

The first key tenet of conveying authenticity to audiences and your clients is to ensure that the content you put out is honest. When you create a video or photo series with us, one of the first things we want to know about your brand is the message you wish to convey. Next up, we want to know your brand identity, your vision and what makes your brand unique. When you work with us, we want to get to know you as the people behind your brand, and we'll make sure to have the important conversations we need in order to understand your needs and how to best capture them.

2. Transparency

It's important for brands to be transparent with their audiences. Transparency can be as simple as creating walkthroughs or explainer videos, creating content that highlights your product or events in their entirety with no detail left out, or producing testimonial videos that speak to potential clients about what your brand offers. With Kino Collective, we make sure to put in the time and work with you to understand your target audience and to create content which answer their questions, pique their interest or meet their needs.

3. Value-Add

Authentic content can be entertaining, but it should also value-add by providing people with additional information about your brand. Think about what you're truly trying to convey - is it that your brand is run by a youthful team open to feedback? Are you looking to highlight your brand's heritage and prestige? Authentic content should not come at the cost of conveying your brand identity, and keeping it real should be a win-win for you and your audiences. Value-adding can also come in the form of providing potential clients with the information they need to make a more informed decision about purchasing goods or services from you. When you create content with us, we always make sure to understand how we can create value not only for you but for your audiences as well.

If you're ready to drop your next trendy, fun and effective video or photo series, drop us an email at! We'll always keep it real with you.

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